We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to contact us. In the meantime here are some questions that many of our wonderful clients have asked before and may help shed some light.

About Us FAQs

  • So what style of photography do you shoot?

    All of them. Does that sound crazy? It’s true! As a wedding photographer, family photographer and event photographer, it’s very important to us that we can shoot candid scenes where no one even knows we are there. During a ceremony for example, we are unobtrusive and make sure to capture all of the events that take place. After the ceremony however, there comes a time when couples might need some direction and guidance so that we can get those amazing photos that you’ll adore after the event. We pride ourselves on being relaxed and casual but when we need to rally a crowd or get a bride and groom in a particular position, you can be sure we know how to go about it. And it’s always fun!

  • How does payment work for weddings?

    Firstly, we really want to meet you and show off our work as well as get to know who you are and what you are after. If you like us (which I’m sure you will) we take a deposit of $500 to secure your date. Two weeks prior to your event we request that $600 of your package be paid. The great thing is, we know that weddings can get complicated and expensive so we don’t want to make it any harder for you which is why the final payment is due after the wedding when your photos are ready to be sent to you!

  • Are the images edited?

    Yes they are. We go through all of your images after the event to ensure consistency and we edit and enhance your images as needed. Of course some images just scream out for some more dramatic processing like for example that really amazing portrait shot of you that we took that might call for some smoothing out of the skin and brightening of the eyes as well as adding a particular filter or making the photo black and white. This is all part of the creative process.

  • Who will be there on our wedding day?

    Me! I’m Andrea and I’ll be your photographer. There will also be my assistant on the day. It’s important that you know your photographer and so when you meet me prior to your event you can be sure that I will be the one to actually take the photos on the day too.

  • When will I receive my images?

    Four weeks. That’s it. Guaranteed.

  • Do you create albums?

    We don’t do albums. We want to keep things simple at White Canvas Photography and as such we pride ourselves on the photos we take and love that you have the freedom and flexibility as our clients to do whatever you like with those images. Print them, share them, love them! Of course you are free to create your own albums after you receive your images and we’re always here to guide or help you in any way.

  • Do you photograph for longer than eight hours?

    We do, but we’ve found that this is a great length of time to capture all of the main events that take place on your special day. If you require our services for longer than that let’s have a chat about what it is you’re after in person.

  • How many photographs do we receive?

    That all depends. But remember, it’s about the quality of the work not the quantity! In saying that on average, we supply you with anything from 500 – 800 photographs from your wedding day and for any photo shoot it can be anything from 20-50 images.

  • Do we receive all of our images?

    Yes, absolutely. We take beautiful photographs of your event and then we provide you with high resolution images to keep. You can print these and share them with all of your family and friends!